Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I order directly from you?
 A. We have a large distributor network that place many orders per year through us. This is the model we have chosen for this business. We can however service you and ensure the prices you receive from the distributor are similar prices to what you would be getting from us if we did supply you direct. If you are having any issues with a distributor then please let us know. We need to support our distributors so we can't and won't supply direct to any organisation.
 Q. How do I become a distributor. 
 A. You can got to this page http://www.attivo.com.au/customer/account/create/ however you will need to show evidence and references that you are onselling this product to others and complete a detailed application form.
 Q. What are your lead times?
 A. All our custom products are 6 weeks as they are custom made to the client's liking with their own design, colours and logos. We airfreight our orders via DHL
 Q. What are your minimum quantities?
 A. Minimum quantities for our custom made and sublimated products are 100 across all sizes from size 4 in kids to 3XL in Ladies.  There is no minimum quantity for our stock products.
 Q. How long have you been in business?
 A. Our parent company Concierge Contacts Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2003.  We have a lot of expertise in the apparel market.
 Q. Where are your products made?
 A. Due to labour costs, our products are made in our factory based in China. We have a very detailed quality control document which very few players in the industry hold. All our factories have certificates showing no factory issues.  All our major competitors in the market have their products made in overseas factories as well. 
 Please see our online catalogue www.custom-activewear.com